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Go Dutch

Note: Fort Orange, renamed Albany Peter Kalm „was commissioned by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to travel to the North American colonies and to bring back seeds and plants that might be useful to agriculture.“ He published a „journal of … Weiterlesen

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I attended Mount Vernon School for the first half of first grade. We lived with my grandparents in the Vailsburg section of Newark while my parents looked for a home in Bergen County, New Jersey. I had the same teacher … Weiterlesen

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Principles overboard

Recently, I received an email sent to members of a private group from the list moderator, who is usually quite strict about prohibiting politics being forced into the group. The email forwards a protest letter against Trump’s policy of separating … Weiterlesen

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Non-vegetarian Smoothy

  „When aliens arrive, they’ll be shocked by the brutal ways we treat each other and our home. They may decide to save the planet by eradicating us. They’ll be here soon, created by Google and other high-tech labs. Experts … Weiterlesen

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Borderline Control

Recently my youngest son and I experienced the wonderful security measures of the European Union. For unclear reasons we were asked for our passports or identity cards at the Berlin-Schönefeld airport in Germany and then we both were asked to … Weiterlesen

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Bizim Kiez: mal rechtsextrem.

Auf den Briefkästen im Haus fand ich Gratissticker „Merkel muss weg“ vor, mit abgebildeten Rautenhänden. Ich frage mich, waren es Nazis, die in den Kiez eingedrungen waren und klammheimlich Propaganda verteilt hatten? Die Nazis haben sich schon bis Neukölln durchgekämpft. … Weiterlesen

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Off target

„Art doesn’t have to do anything. Art is permitted everything.“ Art may provoke. But, these days less frequently. It has become more convenient to provoke where there is no danger. There are few courageous artists; Some have already been murdered … Weiterlesen

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