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Artwork commissioned by E. S. Wires

In August of 1936 my grandfather, Ephraim Stanley Wires, commissioned Harold Marrat Lund to paint an oil of my father, William (9 yrs., 7 mths.) and his brother, my uncle John S. Wires (14 yrs., 5 mths.). „Harold Lund was born … Weiterlesen

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Seven year old Karl Friedrich „Charles“ Abendschein, the youngest child of a butcher from Gaiberg, near Heidelberg, arrived with his family in the United States on September 30, 1878. His parents, Georg and Christina (née Rathgeber) Abendschein, had left five … Weiterlesen

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Go Dutch

Note: Fort Orange, renamed Albany Peter Kalm „was commissioned by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to travel to the North American colonies and to bring back seeds and plants that might be useful to agriculture.“ He published a „journal of … Weiterlesen

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Irish wit and tragedy

My great, great grandmother Ann M. Sullivan, born November 1861 in a mining town in Wayne County, Pennsylvania to Irish parents, was still a teenager when her family moved to Jersey City. There she married an Irish-born fireman, Daniel McMahon. … Weiterlesen

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I buried my heart at Hastings

When French-speaking Normans invaded England, they changed the indigenous culture decidedly. Their soldiers mercilessly destroyed the Anglo-Saxon army, decimated entire villages, executed half the ruling class and quickly built stone castles across the land. The Domesday Book, which documented the … Weiterlesen

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Non-vegetarian Smoothy

  „When aliens arrive, they’ll be shocked by the brutal ways we treat each other and our home. They may decide to save the planet by eradicating us. They’ll be here soon, created by Google and other high-tech labs. Experts … Weiterlesen

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Borderline Control

Recently my youngest son and I experienced the wonderful security measures of the European Union. For unclear reasons we were asked for our passports or identity cards at the Berlin-Schönefeld airport in Germany and then we both were asked to … Weiterlesen

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