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Go Dutch

Note: Fort Orange, renamed Albany Peter Kalm „was commissioned by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to travel to the North American colonies and to bring back seeds and plants that might be useful to agriculture.“ He published a „journal of … Weiterlesen

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Irish wit and tragedy

My great, great grandmother Ann M. Sullivan, born November 1861 in a mining town in Wayne County, Pennsylvania to Irish parents, was still a teenager when her family moved to Jersey City. There she married an Irish-born fireman, Daniel McMahon. … Weiterlesen

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“One Million Years B.C.”

Before the heathens were Christianized they hunted dinosaurs, which were then renamed dragons by the missionaries. In my family we must have had a color television set, because I remember watching “One Million Years B.C”, a British made film which … Weiterlesen

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Leading citizen

  Ephraim Lewis Wires (1834-1905), my great grandfather. Boston newspapers – mid-May 1905

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