General Custer, a descendant of Paulus and Gertrude Küster

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The Battle of Little Big Horn“, Elk Eber, Karl May Museum in Radebeul, near Dresden

„Douglas Scott is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and author of the book ‚They Died with Custer: Soldiers‘ Bones From the Battle of the Little Bighorn‘.
While that battle is known as one of the great defeats for the US Army by Native American peoples, what most people might not realize is that many of those American soldiers were recent immigrants.
Scott says that Custer’s regiment, the 7th Cavalry, epitomizes the US Army in 1876 in its make up about 58 percent American born, with 20 percent born in Ireland, 20 percent born in Germany, and a smattering who had come from France, Italy, the UK, Canada and a few other places as well.
Charles Windalf, originally from Germany, was awarded the Medal of Honor, for bringing water to the wounded. He lived until 1949, the last of the regiment to die.“

The attached file is a list of German-born soldiers in the 7th Cavalry:

7thUSCavalry1876 Germans


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