Non-vegetarian Smoothy

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Raw material for Smoothies entering initial production. – „War of the Worlds“


„When aliens arrive, they’ll be shocked by the brutal ways we treat each other and our home. They may decide to save the planet by eradicating us. They’ll be here soon, created by Google and other high-tech labs. Experts say AI (Artificial Intelligence) will surpass human intelligence within the next couple decades. Let’s prepare by treating each other and Earth with love.“ – John Perkins  (October 5 at 2:30pm)

I’m reading John Perkin’s „The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman“ (2016) which updates his bestseller of about a decade ago.

The book, in which he relates his experiences as an economic adviser for American consulting firms working in the developing world, is an easy read. His world is divided neatly into the good, the bad and the ugly. His book will certainly help „Aliens“ understand our planet.

Michio Kaku, a popular scientist, says that if Aliens chanced to visit Earth, it would be like Godzilla vs. Bambi. In a TV news interview he goes on to say that the Aliens would largely be „peaceful“, basically in a default attitude reflected in his comparative statement, that we humans upon meeting a lower life form, such as ants, are more likely to ignore them than try to communicate how atomic energy works. Aliens reaching the Earth over immense distances measured in light years would have to be extremely more advanced than Earthlings. And even Earthlings don’t „eradicate“ life forms simply because those may be „brutal“ with each other. As in „War of the Worlds“, the Aliens would – even if they made conscious note of us – most likely make Smoothies out of us and try to market the drink interstellarly in order to make some big profits. They won’t be „shocked“ by anything we do among ourselves, they’d be delighted. Yummy.

Then John Perkins suggests love is the answer, which reminds me of the opening scene of „Mars Attacks“ when the dove is let loose. As far as we humans are concerned, John’s closing sentence about „treating each other and the Earth with love“ is more down to earth.

William Wires, 8. Oct. 2017


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