Borderline Control


Photo: children of truckers being scanned by airport security.

Recently my youngest son and I experienced the wonderful security measures of the European Union. For unclear reasons we were asked for our passports or identity cards at the Berlin-Schönefeld airport in Germany and then we both were asked to remove everything from our pockets. Along with our bags, all we carried with us was x-rayed. Additionally, my 6 year old son was body-scanned: he had to stand in a glass contraption, put his hands over his head in a surrender position and stay still for half a minute. After that, he had to take his shoes off which were scanned again by  security officers. If I protested, what could I expect?

Once we arrived in London, we had to identify ourselves again. I was almost tempted to say we lost our passports, but why lie? Maybe my son will get a birthday present from the European Union? It would be a nice apology for subjecting us to dehumanizing searches and being put under general suspicion of terrorist intentions, or even worse! On second thought, better not, since I’d probably have to pay a duty tax on the present. I hope other migrant guests and travelers aren’t subjected to such suspicion and unfriendliness!

On the other hand, it is a risk to board an airplane these days with so many truckers driving with murderous intent into enclosed public areas like Christmas markets and midtown shopping centers.

William Wires, 9. April 2017

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