Comfort zones


In the USA distraught university students are being provided with means to deal with recent national election results, including free coloring books and play-doh, cry-ins and the cancellation of scheduled tests. Whether these sensitive students had left their dormitories to vote hasn’t yet been investigated. Successful celebrities who promised to leave the country if Trump were elected are now rethinking their comfortable living circumstances and may not move to Canada with its universal health care, restrictive gun laws and union-free film production facilities.

In France, the musician Sting is providing comfort for survivors of nearly a hundred persons murdered by Islamic psychopaths one year ago today at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris. The pop star performed his song „Inshallah“ in an effort to combine the themes of mass murder, refugees and respect for an intolerant religion. Sting proclaimed: „We’ve got two important things to do tonight: first, to remember and honor those who lost their lives in the attacks a year ago and to celebrate the life and the music of this historic venue.“ In today’s world, people apparently „loose“ their lives in context-free and random attacks. That’s a comfort zone, too.

William Wires, Nov. 13. 2016

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