„Anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism.“


„Anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism“ and „anti-Semitism is not just about Jews.“

Rabbi Sacks also mentions in his poignant speech to the EU how anti-Semites disguise themselves as human rights „activists“ but are the first to deny they are anti-Semites. This describes the situation in Wrangelkiez, a neighborhood with a lot of grassroots „political activism“, but also with the most anti-Semitism I’ve seen and heard during my over thirty years in Germany. And many locals don’t deny it. From “Free Gaza” to “Fuck Israel” Graffiti sprayed by several different people in every street in Wrangelkiez, to local Facebook pages of “activists” with ignorant fortune cookie wisdoms condemning Israeli “apartheid” to fruitless discussions about a film in an alternative movie theater dissing Israeli water management, Wrangelkiez is truly an epi-center of anti-Semitism.

Muslim Brother sympathizers openly display “R4bia” stickers in shop windows and grin at Easy-jetters, Turkish anti-Semites display government email addresses on their Facebook pages where one can denounce Erdogan critics while locals dance to the “Bizim Wiz’em” beat.

And there’s not a single self-proclaimed “activist” in Wrangelkiez who’ll tackle local anti-Semitism publicly.


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