ISIS terrorism

In a wallpaper wisdom created after multiple Islamic terror attacks, carried out in Brussels, Belgium, an assertion is made that Western media headline only Islamic attacks in the West, specifically in reference to ISIS (the Islamic State). However, since several incidents listed on the wallpaper were indeed reported in newspaper headlines in Germany (where I live), one may assume the complaint is aimed at the US-American media.

In the meantime, one popular Facebook page which reposted the meme has since distanced itself from the unsourced and partially false listing of recent terrorist incidents. It was also clarified that stories without a headline does not mean there was no reporting at all. With closer scrutiny, it’s revealed that not all of the attacks listed were carried out by ISIS, but by some other group, such as the recent attack in Ankara, Turkey, which was allegedly carried out by the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons. That attack had nothing to do with religion. The 2015 attack in Tunisia claimed the lives of Western tourists and was headlined all over Europe. Other attacks were carried out by ISIS sometimes in the framework of a civil war. The entire list, a result of poor research, messiness and inaccuracy, would shame even a local newspaper.

Generally, newspapers tend to report on events which may affect their direct readership. However, in a global world, such emphasis is indeed deficitory and can lead readers towards a skewed view of the world. But, where in the world is reporting immune to such an attitude? Can one seriously assume that news reporting in Islamic countries is more “fair” and all encompassing than reporting in the West? Why should they be reporting differently?

The wallpaper meme concludes with the following statement:

„ISIS is killing more Muslims than any other group, yet Western news reporting, by highlighting only the West, tends to feed a ‘Muslims are against us’ mentality. Until we understand that it’s ‘ISIS against the World’, including Muslims, we will not be able to defeat a common enemy.“

The message derives from the tiresome meme, ‘not all Muslims are terrorists’, because they constitute the majority of victims of terrorism. Reporting in the West supposedly and purposely leads Westerners to believe they are the sole victims of ISIS. However, the Islamic State is not against the World; they would like to conquer and change it. The Islamic State is not against Muslims, in fact their victims are not even considered to be true followers of Islam. There’s nothing worse than “false” followers who criticize an ideology from within. In most Western nations, freedom of religion as well as separation of State and religion is anchored in legal systems. Individuals decide themselves whether they are adherents of a religion. This is not the case in a large number of Islamic countries where religious laws, anchored in the State’s laws, determine what a true Muslim and citizen is. Only in Muslim countries – but not all – is apostasy a capital offense. Therefore, the Islamic State is a kind of vigilante group which is enforcing the law in a more traditional manner and cleansing the world of people who “falsely” claim to be Muslims, along with uncooperative non-Muslims. At whom are contract murder fatwahs directed? Muslims, of course. In fact, the Islamic State has done nothing which the greatest Islamic role model, Mohammed, did during his lifetime, 1400 years ago. Nothing has changed since.

The “common enemy” in the world today is an ideology, based on a book accredited to single author, a military conqueror and imperialist leader whose empire is less a spiritual one, but rather an earthly community based on the Ummah, whereby the State and its legal system is determined solely by uncompromising Islamic ideology disguised as a religion. During the last millennia, no region worldwide has been able to retain its original diversity wherever the Ummah has established itself and attained a certain strength.

William Wires, 28 March 2016

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