Distraction scam


(translation of „Antanztricks“)

One year after the targeted killings of artists and Jews by Islamists at two locations in Paris, we should take another look at the press releases made public by Islamic associations in Germany. The Turkish Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), a reactionary religious association, which reports directly to the Turkish government, is the main signatory. Another signatory is the fascist organization Milli Görüs (IGMG, in English: „National View“), which has been under observation by the German intelligence services. Why the Alevis and various business associations are on the same list of signatories is a mystery because Alevis are „also attacked with the battle cry“ akbar Allah’u! „. Among the Alevis „Je suis Charlie!“ is shouted out loud.

The DITIB, which sees itself as a nationwide umbrella organization for the coordination of religious, social and cultural activities connected with Turkish-Islamic mosque communities are expert in dispersing smoke bombs.
After the Islamist terror attack on the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, DITIB scribbled that „all were deeply shocked, especially Muslims“, because such crimes „can’t be justified in Islam“. Not a word was wasted on the fact that the artists had dared to represent the greatest role model of Islam, Mohammed, which is basically forbidden. The killers, in principle, had not acted differently than the military commander Mohammed and his clan had done during the Islamic conquests 1,400 years ago, despite all the cheap candy given out at Ramadan. Therefore, there is no need to ask the question concerning who „has dragged Islam, as well as any trace of civilization through the mud“. The press release continues with the „we are all victims“ meme whereby „people of all religions, Christian, Jewish or of any other faith, must ensure that such bestial terror doesn’t put any religion under general suspicion.“ General suspicion is understood here as equivalent to critical engagement. This „distraction scam“ is even more perfidious, considering the killers were exclusively of a specific religion, not just “any religion”.

„Unfortunately, in every society, in every religion –history teaches us- there are fanatics and violent extremists whose actions must be discussed, internally and externally.“ Such general platitudes lead the reader even further away from the concrete events and ends in a trivialized claim of equality among all religions. Genuine murder victims such as Jews or artists who dared satirical drawings of Mohammed are ignored, i.e. murdered.

After another Islamist terrorist attack in Paris at a musical event last November, whereby more than 200 people were massacred in cold blood, and also after other various smaller murderous attacks against Jews in Europe, a local branch of DITIB emphasized basic Islamic hatred and contempt towards Jews with a long list of quotations from the Koran. The corresponding page -in Turkish- was online several months before it was finally removed after public outcry. A “correct” interpretation of the relevant passages still remains unexplained.

In Berlin, all 64 Jewish institutions such as synagogues, cafes and schools are guarded 24/7 by German police officers carrying machine guns. In Oslo, Norway, the local synagogue was „protected“ symbolically for one day two months after the terrorist attack in Paris by Muslim activists and their supporters when they stood hand in hand to form a boa constrictor around the synagogue. This distraction scam is called Fredens Ring. The situation is more absurd since the snake is formed by a gang of anti-Semites and Israel-haters. They even unashamedly expose their ugly views on their private Facebook pages by displaying the most deceptive Pallywood videos and showing maps with „Free Palestine“ stamping out Israel. They proudly link their BDS activities (boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel). One organizer of Fredens Ring even linked a YouTube video „Zionist terror in Gaza“ by the Ku Klux Klan leader, David Duke.

The main initiator of Fredens Ring writes: „Je suis charley my ass“.

William Wires, January 7, 2016

Screenshots of the Fredens Ring organizors‘ Facebook pages:


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