Unequivocal satire

Coco Rey, an artist with the French magazine “Charlie Hebdo”, stated in an interview with the German newspaper Die Zeit (January 1, 2016) that “we must now make sure that the messages in our drawings are clear and unambiguous, as we can’t afford the slightest misunderstanding. Of course, we try to maintain the finesse, the irony, the satire, but are wary of ambiguous messages.“ (One must consider that she was the person who was forced by the psychopathic Islamists to open the door to the building on that fateful day.)

If I were to criticize or make fun of the Catholic Pope and Church „with ambiguous irony“, then I might have a billion Catholics and the editorial staff of Die Zeit against me? Is this a no-go for Catholics and non-Catholics alike? Would I then require body guards and coded locked doors?

So, ambiguity in art, in humor and in writing is now taboo. That’s not funny; it’s quite sad that satirists may have to knuckle under fascist and other pathological ideologies. Just think of all the ambiguities in everyday life! If art and especially satire are cleansed of ambiguities, of double meanings, then we’d merely have scientific illustrations and school books.

Thanks a lot, assholes | Tapfer im Nirgendwo

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