Wind in the Trees

„From a distance, one suddenly heard a continual banging sound. ‚What do you think that was? ‚, asked Alice. ‚Sounds like shots … ‚, she added with uncertainly. When we were silent, I realized that all conversations in the garden had stopped; the wind rushing through the leaves and cautious steps on the gravel could be heard. Several colleagues had crept quietly out of the hall, in which the cocktail reception was being held and were now waiting among the trees. (…)
‚Well, I guess that’s it then with our little dance party … ‚“
– Unterwerfung, Michel Houellebecq, pages 53-54 (translation: William Wires)

The dance party – a metaphor for civilization – will continue as long as there are humans inhabiting the earth. In our conversations, the gunshots and explosions won’t be cause for our silence; instead we censure ourselves, by dancing around issues with tactical avoidance schemes. But, the allusions to some kind of central horror – a magma pool deep down in the Earth – do seep through and erupt.

One feels solidarity with entire France and expresses consolation to the victims of some diffuse “act of violence” by undefined murderers, but solidarity is confined  only to the “peaceful” victimized segment of the Syrian population. There it is: there remain those who are not so peaceful in Syria. Some of those violent ones aspire – whether by natural causes or by murderous suicide – a heaven called Pornotopia where 72 virgin what-evers await believers of a so-called religion founded by an imperialist and sadistic war lord named Mohammad about 1400 years ago. This ideology dressed as a religion is called Islam. Presently, there is a newly created “Islamic State” wreaking havoc worldwide and claims to follow Mohammad and the principles of Islam. However, variously and often in opportunistic fashion, this „State“ is denied an Islamic identity primarily by Westerners, as is any Islamic group or person who copies deeds recorded as being committed by Mohammad and his early followers themselves, such as murder, rape and child abuse. For many non-Islamic countries – such as France and the United States – these activities are revolting and find no wide consensus, no matter how many times one brings up the crimes of the self-proclaimed agnostic Timothy McVeigh, who neither emulated Jesus Christ in any way whatsoever nor had broad support by any Christian denomination. These unequal comparisons serve only to avoid or mitigate the issues at hand. One could compare the deeds of Jesus (Buddha, etc.) with those of Mohammad, or futilely try to weed out the horrific deeds of the Islamic State, that would have disgusted Mohammad and his entourage. But, I can see the apprehension when words and definitions produce only smokescreens, with such words as islamophobia, made popular by Ayatollah Khomeini, as a weapon to squash normal criticism and humor. That’s why more people fear insulting or criticizing Islam and its idiosyncrasies, than criticizing and insulting any other religion.

Comparing the Islamic State to the earlier Nazi regime merely on account of their murderous ideologies is tricky stuff. The Islamic State claims to follow the Islamic “religion” as exemplified in the writings and deeds of Mohammad. Not only does the author and critic Hamad Abdel-Samad examine Islam as a fascist ideology and Mohammad as mentally instable, he and other critics now face death warrants called Fatwahs. Much of this present-day criticism is also fueled by negative personal experience; many prominent and outspoken (former) Muslim women attest to that. From a non-Muslim position, it’s easy to say: “We should not tolerate their (IS) attempt to make us change our way of life.” Westerners living in liberal democracies usually don’t have a sword of death above their necks; apostasy is a capital offense in many Islamic countries. Who are the moderate critics of Islam and its murderous founder who pass the litmus test of self-acclaimed progressives in Western countries?

Who created the Islamic State? Good question. I think it was Hollywood. See, now there’s an excuse for murder. Charles Manson (was he a Christian, too?) must be kicking himself in the head. By the way, Bernie Sanders is a Jew and defends Israel, a country whose very existence serves as an alibi for the failure of the entire Muslim world to make any noticeable progress and gain “respect”. That’ll cause bodily contortions and mental instabilities in anti-Semitic “Progressives”, no matter how good Bernie’s national health insurance system may be. We’ll see what happens when the climate does change; maybe some hotheads in Iran will cool down or blow up like overheated nuclear reactors. Well, if the US and other basically non-Muslim (and usually atheist) countries would just import more self-acclaimed refugees (who either fear the wrath of the IS, Assad or any other nutjob), we’ll somehow be dead certain – with some good luck – that none of them are Islamic nutjobs themselves. That’ll leave all the nutjobs in Islamic countries where they’re free to “fight it out” among themselves. Who will then rebuild those countries when the “winners” appear? Well, yup, you got it. The question remains: will Western countries get a thumbs up from the Islamic State (and from the Gulf States) if they stop being so “islamophobic”?

You know what? Forget all that. Have a fellow play „Imagine“ on a piano in Rakka, Syria. The IS will run away in confusion with their hands over their heads.

William Wires, 18. November 2015

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